Injured All The Way

injured all the way

It’s a Jungle Out There!

Injured all the Way!

 As I lay in bed with my injured ankle painfully twitching and all of the aches and pains I now have just to roll my lazyass out of bed, I began to think back on when I first started my travel journey, here are my thoughts.

The first leg of my journey began in Homer Alaska where my son lives. When I hit Homer, I was healthy as an ox and probably as heavy as one too, but none the less healthy. Well, after a few days of site seeing, dirt biking in the mountains and on the beach, having all kinds of fun by day and by night. My son (we'll call him Superman) and I were wrestling and messing around one evening and he decided to turn me into a pretzel (It was all in fun) and "pop" ouch! a couple of ribs snapped... and that's how it all started.

injured all the way
Dirt Biking on Bishop's Beach Homer, AK.

injured all the way

One week later I'm going through the airport with four 51 lb bags of luggage remember... ribs take 6 weeks to heal.

So fine, it's not the first time I've had broken ribs and probably won't be the last. I was able to heal up in Costa Rica for a month then I set my sights on very sunny San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Now referred to as the "sweat box".

Well, there was an epidemic of Chikungunya Click Here to read more about it from the CDC spreading like wildfire through the city and you guessed it, I got it! Chikungunya is spread by the same mosquito that carries Zika and Dengue Fever, no cure, just plenty of aches and pains for up to 1 year & so far it's living up to the stats. Chikungunya will take you down son! 

injured all the way

On the bright side It won't kill me so I'll keep that in mind for the next 12 months while I have other people open my water bottle for me because it's too hard to twist the cap off!  It's very painful because it attacks your joints, so any preexisting joint aches you have or don't know you have, are 10 times more noticeable for all your body senses to enjoy (that's sarcasm!)


A side note on getting sick in Nicaragua, The Country has free health care for everyone. The people of Nicaragua are very nice and friendly and the city was very clean but the "hospital" was one of the dirtiest places I've  been in!-Except for Gorgona Panama where people just throw their garbage anywhere-but that's another story. I did receive good care at the hospital and even though there was a language barrier (check these tips on over coming the language barrier) I managed to work through it even with a 103 temp. Last note on "gunya" It does not affect your sex life.

So, fast forward through the next few months in Costa Rica, to Panama City, Panama  AKA "the Urban Jungle."

As I walk through the city, and trust me I walk, you need to be aware of obstacles and holes on the "sidewalks" I call this urban hiking, Check out some Gear I recommend to help you maneuver the jungle and avoid getting injured, remember there are open holes of all sizes from 8" round, 1'x 1' square or even a 4'x 4' uncovered man hole that you could simply disappear into if you are not paying attention! These obstacles are everywhere by the way, from the swankiest street in front of Trump Towers to the side street in front of my condo.


Sidewalk: Watch Your Step! Urban Hiking at its best!

Watch Out! Open Hole! This is a small one!

Injured Again

So, to get on with my story...

I was walking to the "Beer Store" on one of my first days in the "Urban Jungle" looking up at all of the tower cranes and construction going on in the city, instead of looking down for dangerous terrain, and my "gunya" riddled ankle buckled and rolled right under me! A casualty of the urban jungle! 

Well, that's how it goes for travel and you need to either Sally up and keep going or go home. I'll keep moving on! 



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